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Chocolate: dark or milk?

Dark vs milk chocolate

What is your typical choice when it comes to chocolate? And, more importantly, what is the reason behind your choice?

Whatever your choice is, if it is because you like it better then you've got the RIGHT reason and this post is not for you.

Nonetheless, if you tend to opt for dark chocolate because "it is better", "it is healthier", "it has many benefits" and all the equivalents you might have heard, keep reading.

In order to determine the differences between the two, let's take a first look at the amount of calories and the macronutrient distribution in each one:

Nutrition comparison dark vs milk chocolate
  • dark 🍫 has > calories than milk 🍫

  • dark 🍫 has > fats than milk 🍫

  • dark 🍫 has < carbohydrates than milk 🍫

  • both have pretty much the same protein content.

This is explained by the composition of each one of them: dark chocolate has more cocoa and cocoa butter (fats) and less sugar (carbohydrates) than milk chocolate. And, given that fats are more calorie dense (9 kcal/g) than carbohydrates (4 kcal/g), dark chocolate will inevitably be more caloric than milk chocolate.

"The darker the chocolate, the fatter it will be"

⚠️ It's worth noting that the darker the chocolate, the fatter it will be, and therefore: more caloric. (The example shown is only an average for 70%-85% dark.)

Does this already shakes up your lifelong beliefs that make you feel guilty when choosing milk 🍫, but "allow" you to conscientiously take a double portion of dark 🍫? 🙃

This is another pitfall of the image that dark chocolate has. We are comparing here 100 grams, but what is more relevant to compare is portion sizes!

Do we take the same number of squares when given milk or dark chocolate? Often, we will eat more of the dark one under the pretext of its benefits, or even considering it more "dietetic". When in reality, we will end up consuming way more calories for way less pleasure. 😔

"Maybe, but it is worth it given the numerous benefits it comes with!" you may say.

Now, when comparing the micronutrient content between the two, any data source will tell you that dark chocolate is richer in:

  • polyphenols and flavonoids (strong antioxidants)

  • magnesium

  • potassium.

This is true, but is it really worth it?

There are many food sources rich in these micronutrients that come with a lot < calories than dark chocolate. The next 3 pictures show examples of foods that not only are less calorie dense, but also RICHER in each one of these micronutrients:

There are, of course, many other foods containing these micronutrients, in less amounts that in combination, provide even more of them than dark chocolate.

So, when it comes to health benefits, dark chocolate is not the best bet. By far!

And if you used to deprive yourself of the pleasure milk chocolate provides you for this reason, it's over now! You have no more ambiguity. 💪🏻

There is no other good reason to choose a type of chocolate besides YOUR taste preference! 😉

Is there any other generally accepted idea that you would like me to clear up? Let me know in the comments on my Facebook or Instagram page.


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