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Who am I?



Very curious by nature and interested in the functioning of any system, I took the path of software engineering from an early age, which taught me that there is an explanation behind each phenomenon and that there are only solutions, not problems!

Wanting to find a solution to everything and faced to the myriad of often confusing information that surrounds the most complex of systems - the human organism - I turned to deciphering its enigmas.

Thus, I understood that the key to its functioning is nutrition; and that it's the only one that can open the door to excellence.

After several years of deepening this subject, it was high time I was recognized as a nutritionist, in order to be able to pass these keys on to everyone and open the box of nutrition and exercise physiology. So I chose the internationally renowned university: Mac-Nutrition Uni, from which I graduated in 2020.

If you want to approach human physiology in a pragmatic and genuine way, you've come to the right place. Don't wait any longer to level 2.0 of yourself !

Who is Panthora?

Through Panthora I aim to make a difference at the community and the individual level, in order to lead you to full mastery of your well-being.
For Panthora is identified by the ​universal aims of well-being:


Good shape, energy, vivacity - the first and foremost definition of a well-functioning organism.


Vitality, resilience - we do not only want to be in great shape, but keep it as long as possible, even a lifetime.


Vitality, robustness and well-being - all this goes well beyond physical health.
At Panthora all these aspects that influence your health status are taken into consideration.

​that I will help you achieve and preserve through an evidence-based approach, ​by putting innovating tools at the service of people.

Yours scientifically,
Patricia DULHAZ

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