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A nourishment of quality, the key to your vitality


​​A nourishment of quality, the key to your vitality

Nutritionist certified internationally, I help you achieve your well-being goal through a scientific evidence-based approach and the latest research in the field.

Coaching, workshops, trainings or seminars: I am here to give you the keys to well-being and keep them for life in complete autonomy. Discover the different options!

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YOUR goal stands on the 3 pillars of true well-being that are MY values:


Good shape, energy, vivacity - the first and foremost definition of a well-functioning organism.


Vitality, resilience - we do not only want to be in great shape, but keep it as long as possible, even a lifetime.


Vitality, robustness and well-being - all this goes well beyond physical health.
At Panthora all these aspects that influence your health status are taken into consideration.

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